Pharma and medico packaging


Olitec Packaging develops and delivers hygienic packaging for cleanroom and other contamination-critical production environments including medical and pharmaceutical. Our product range includes both standard and customized packaging solutions which will be adjusted to the customer’s demands for functionality, hygiene, environment, handling and economy.

Boxes and trays which are produced in Dipack corrugated plastic are very popular for packaging and transport of medical equipment and as tertiary packaging for medicine. Boxes I corrugated plastic are dust free, water resistant and can be cleaned and reused, which is a big advantages compared to cardboard boxes.

Hygienic plastic pallets are often used in medico and food productions as they have totally closed surfaces and are easy to clean. Hygienic plastic pallets are very suitable for internal production, storage, storage in racks, conveyor belts, quick freezing and transport of heavy goods. Plastic pallets are made from injection moulded plastic and can be produced with tolerances down to 1 mm. Hygienic plastic pallets can be used for many years and they are constructed for heavy load.

The wide product range of plastic buckets, containers and big boxes, which are used for direct contact with food and medicine, are being controlled by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, which have given Olitec the highest character possible for control of hygiene and trackability.

Our product range is very wide and the possibilities are many. Please contact us if you have any questions or not are able to find what you are looking for. We would be pleased to help finding a solution for your project.