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The thermal boxes provide a high level of insulation for all kinds of temperature sensitive goods and foods, including slaughterhouse and dairy products, convenience foods, fish, fruits, vegetables, pharmaceutical products and more. This type of box is different to other thermal boxes, because it has a plastic insert, which protects the interior of the box and provides an optimal hygiene safety. Furthermore the patented surface counteracts bacteria and bacteria formations in the top of the box. The box complies fully with HACCP standards.


The Thermoli® Delta thermal boxes are a range of transport boxes with a high level of insulation. They can be used for all kinds of temperature sensitive goods and foods, including slaughterhouse and dairy products, convenience foods, fish, fruit, vegetables, medical products and more.


  • The Thermoli® thermal boxes comply with HACCP standards and are also LGA tested
  • Hygiene approval is available
  • The Delta range can be supplied with a removable insert made of hard plastic
  • The Thermoli® thermal boxes have a durable and easily cleaned surface
  • Additionally, the Delta and Clipper ranges have a patented surface which counteracts bacteria and bacteria formation on the surface of the box



Dimensions, externally

(l x w x h - mm):

Dimensions, internally

(l x w x h - mm):





K 3418 400 x 400 x 240 340 x 340 x 180 21 48 
K 1122(*) 600 x 400 x 280 540 x 340 x 220 40 28
K 6425 670 x 470 x 305 610 x 410 x 245 62 14
K 11326 780 x 400 x 315 720 x 340 x 255 62 18


  • The thermal boxes fulfil the highest hygiene requirements
  • As an example, the thermal boxes are approved and used by Lufthansa

High level of insulation:

The Thermoli® Delta thermal boxes are made by injection-moulded polypropylene and have an extremely high strength and optimum insulation quality.


  • The thermal boxes are stackable for easier transport and storage
  • The thermal boxes are produced with ergonomic handles for safe and easy handling
  • The boxes are combinable with Gastro-/Euronorm products
  • Temperature range: -20 C to +110 C


The thermal boxes are constructed to handle high pressure washing machines (+82 C), and steam cleaning.


The product is produced from 100% environment friendly and reusable plastic.

Quality Control:

The Thermoli® Delta range provides the best temperature security for your product, from production to delivery, during internal handling and during transport.

Further information:

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