Olicon® hygienic plastic pallet

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Hygienic plastic pallets are qualified for foods production, but can be used in all industries for internal production and storage, storage in rack and shipments of heavy goods. Hygienic plastic pallets are approved to be in direct contact with foods. The pallets are signified by the moulded runners and closed deck and bottom. Hygienic pallets can be used for many years and they are constructed to handle heavy load. Working temperature is from -30 C to +80 C.


The hygienic pallets are easy to clean, Hygienic plastic pallets are very suitable for internal production, storage, storage in rack, conveyor belt, quick freezing and transport of heavy goods. They are characterized by closed deck and bottom an in moulded runners. Hygienic plastic pallets are mostly used in the pharmaceutical sector and in food productions. Hygienic plastic pallets have a long life time and they are constructed for heavy load. Plastic pallets are made from injection moulded plastic and can be produced with tolerances down to 1 mm.




Dynamic load


Static load


1200 x 800 1250 - 1500 4800 - 8000
1200 x 1000 1250 - 1500 4800 - 8000
800 x 600 500 2000


Transport plastic pallets are produced from virgin plastic in standard colour light grey, white, red, blue, brown and beige and from recycled black plastic. Standard sizes such as half pallet, EUR pallet and industrial pallet are available in many different qualities.


  • With or without safty rim
  • Printed logo
  • Plastic pallet frames
  • Anti slip strips


  • Hygienic plastic pallets are suitable for all sectors, but they are mostly used in pharmaceutical and food productions
  • Hygienic plastic pallets are washable and easy to clean
  • Hygienic plastic pallets are constructed for a long life time
  • Hygienic plastic pallets can be used in rack
  • Hygienic plastic pallets can be used on conveyor belt
  • Plastic pallets are resistant to most chemicals
  • Plastic pallets are not affected by moist and does always have the same weight
  • Plastic pallets can be used throughout the world without certificates
  • No dust, nails and splinters


Hygienic plastic pallets can be handled by truck and fork lift (half pallets, EUR pallets and industrial pallets). STOK Emballage can offer to keep stock of plastic pallets for quick and successive delivery.


Our plastic pallets are produced from 100% environment friendly and reusable plastic. They can be used again and again or simply disposed with normal trash. Our plastic pallets do not contain any metal or dangerous additives.